Online Craps

Your Guide to Playing Craps at an Online Casino

  • Craps is a thrilling casino game offering the chance to walk away with a whole lot of cash.
  • Craps is a dice based game that is played around a table, and players need a mix of luck and skill.
  • Online craps gives every player a chance to roll the dice, not just the high rollers.

With so many online gambling sites offering craps, our team decided to shortlist a selection of the very best online venues for the game. You can expect to enjoy an excellent gambling experience at any of the sites listed on this page.

How to Play Craps Online

Online craps is played with two dice and a flat table; the players make bets on the outcome of their roll. Ultimately, you want that roll to be the winning numbers.

To begin, the player must select a wager, usually $1, $5, $25, $100 or $500. After, they will decide where they want to wager. Most often a player will choose the Pass Line. Now it’s time to roll the dice.

    On the 1st Roll:

  • If the player roles a 7 or 11, everyone on the pass line is a winner.
  • If the dice total 2, 3 or 12, it’s automatically a pass line and everyone has lost.
  • All other numbers become the point.

    On the 2nd Roll:

  • Beyond the 2nd roll, everything becomes the same.
  • The player must hit their point before hitting a 7. With this, everyone with pass line bets will win.
  • Craps happens when a 12 is rolled. This is also called the “come out roll” and another saying for the first roll.
  • Essentially the game continues until a 7 is rolled.
  • Once the rounds are finished, all bets are paid.

How Craps Betting Works

Betting on Craps can get very detailed because there are so many options. We’ll keep at as simple as possible for now. What and how you bet is where game strategy comes into play. Because there are so many betting possibilities, many novice players will try each one out until they realize this is not the way to do things. Rather, play only wagers with the lowest house edges. These are the Pass Line Bet, Don’t Pass Line Bet, The Come Bet and The Don’t Come Bet. Each of these craps bets carries between a 1.4% and 1.41% house edge and are the most common for online craps players.

Playing Real Money Online Craps

The biggest difference when playing craps online is the lack of an audience. Like in the movies, casino craps tables often have a crowd. But online games don’t have this. Some may have the sounds of cheering, which can be turned off if you prefer. A craps online casino will also have no live roller, but the digital version is equally tasteful.

Finding a Craps Casino Online

The latest craps online casino review panel determined that the dice game has technologically improved and has since become one of the most popular games for men and women.

We have sought out, and played, the foremost leaders in craps online casinos. Before choosing the ones to list on our site, we took into consideration payouts, graphics, game play and security. Everyone loves bonuses, so we also chose craps casinos with the most generous offerings.

Craps online real money USA casinos are also listed. These are legal, regulated operators which can be played by American citizens.

Discovering the Game Before Playing Craps for Real Cash

Craps is not hard to learn, but before playing for real money, it’s not a bad idea to become familiar with the ins and outs of the game. The online craps operators we have chosen offer free game play. This is a great opportunity to try your luck on rolling the dice while testing out the site’s software. Once you have the swing of things, you can move onto the real money craps tables.

Random Number Generators to Ensure Trust

It’s understandable to have trust concerns when playing craps online for money. However, the casino operators use legitimate random number generators. Rest assured, there is no one “behind the scenes” running the show and rigging up the outcomes. Reputable craps online casinos have gone through rigorous licensing and certifications to assure you that you can trust their site.

Craps online is a lot of fun, so start playing the game, making your bets and let the good times roll!

Craps FAQ

Where can I find the rules of craps?

You can find the rules of craps in our 'How to Play Craps Online' section, but in short, craps is a game played with two dice, where players are betting on the outcome of the thrown dice. There are special numbers that can be thrown, and there are two separate rolls.

Can I play online craps for free?

Yes, some online casinos offer craps for free play. This is a great option for testing out a new casino's features and capabilities, and for practicing this dice game, if you are not so familiar with it. Once you deposit real money into your casino account, further game features will be unlocked.

Can I play online craps without a download?

Yes. The download or no-download choice depends on the software used by the online casino. Some casinos are optimized for in-browser play, while others require you to download a specialized app. This also depends on whether you are playing from your computer or from a mobile device.

Where are the best sites to play craps?

There are many good sites to play online craps but some are better than others. Check out our recommendations page where our reviewers discuss the different features on offer at the best online craps casinos.