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Guide to Mobile Gambling

The Gamblers Guide to Mobile Gaming

We’ve come a long way in mobile technology. Ten years ago, phones were still pretty bulky, coverage was limited outside of populated areas and internet browsing speed was ridiculous. Fast-forward to today and most of us are carrying hand sized computers in our bags; this of course means that we have the capability of walking around with a handy mobile casino too!

How Mobile Gaming has Grown

Facebook’s Farmville and Android’s Angry Birds were some of the first mobile games to go ‘viral’. Since then, mobile gaming has become a $25 billion dollar industry. There are thousands of mobile games to choose from, including the traditional casino games like blackjack and slots. As of December 2013, there were over 100 mobile casino operators. As of 2024, this number has likely risen.

How to Play Online Games from a Phone

Game play is simple. Once you find your choice casino with mobile gaming options, there are a few ways you can connect. In some cases, you let the casino know your phone number and they’ll text you download instructions for the software. In some cases, you can grab the app from your phone’s App Store. And in other cases, simply accessing the casino’s website through your phone’s web browser will take you to the mobile-friendly software.

Mobile Gaming Compatible Devices

Device Compatibility

To get involved with real cash mobile game play, you will need to have an internet enabled mobile phone with WiFi, 3G, 4G, or LTE. Generally, if your phone has been manufactured within the last 3-5 years, you will have this. If you’re still unsure, you can check with the casino; they will be able to let you know whether or not your phone is ready for mobile game play.

Security Concerns of Mobile Gaming

Like online betting, every casino offering mobile versions of their game employs 128-bit SSL encryption technology to all data passed over the user connection. This technology is the same used by online casinos and banking institutions. Third party companies will also vigorously analyze reputable casinos’ payment systems, privacy details and software. These licenses and certifications can often be found at the bottom of the site.


The Technology Specs of Mobile Gaming

Crisp audio and HD visuals are what every gamer wants. The premier online casinos have launched some incredible gaming apps that are up to par with the latest mobile technology and are fully compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Some of these casinos have translated their mobile apps into multiple languages, 3D animation and exciting introductions.

Despite a small screen, mobile technology allows the casino operators to offer realistic games with a personal touch. Utilizing the phones CPU, the mobile gambling experience is smooth and fast. On a final tech note, playing on a tab, iPhone or smartphone can be easily concealed; something beneficial for anyone who wishes to keep their gaming private.

Many of the downloadable games offer practice play or offline modes which are practical for newbie’s or those who may be on budget, but still want to play a quick round of fun, cash free poker.

Winning on a Mobile Game

Some people have concerns about making bets on mobile devices. Players have just as much of a chance winning at baccarat on a mobile game as they do sitting in front of a PC or at a table in Vegas, so don’t let it deter you.

Continuing a Game after Losing Connection

A nice benefit of mobile games is that casino’s keep gaming records on their servers. This means that should you get an incoming phone call or SMS, lose internet, or have a battery mishap, your data will not be lost. Whenever you are able to join back in, you will be able to continue your game play from the same point at which you left. Keep in mind that sometimes you may need to re-open the game and log back in, in any case, you’re data is safe.

Online casinos are eagerly trying to launch their own games. So, if you’re mad about your betting apps, be sure to stay up to date with new launches. You can currently find traditional games like poker, baccarat or blackjack. Alternatively, you can play your luck at slots, jackpot or arcade games.

If you’re looking for a top mobile gaming APP, you will find it here on our site. We have listed the ultimate and most user-friendly mobile casino games, many of which have generous sign up bonuses and free game play. You have a virtual casino at your fingertips, so get started and have some fun.