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  • Whether you’re into football or horseracing, we’ll find you an online sportsbook and help you place a bet.
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If you're looking to place a bet on your favorite sports team, it's tempting to sign up with one of the betting sites you've heard of and make your bet as quickly as possible. However, by looking at our list of the top online sportsbooks, you can confidently find your way onto a sports betting site that will offer you great odds, a wide selection of sporting events to wager on, and all the options and support you need to get the most out of your sports betting experience.

Why Online Sportsbooks are a Great Option

If you're used to placing bets with a bookie, a local betting shop, or at a casino, you may be wondering why you should even bother with online sportsbooks. In fact, there are several reasons why an online sports betting site might be right for you.

The biggest reason, as is true whenever you're gambling online, is that online sportsbooks are way more convenient than the alternatives. Online sportsbooks are always available at a moment's notice: if you're at home, you simply need to turn on your computer and take a quick trip to the sportsbook's website. These days, your sportsbook of choice will probably even allow you to place bets through your mobile phone, meaning you're never out of the game even when you're away from home.

Other advantages of online sportsbooks include the ability to earn bonuses - something you'll never get from most land-based bookmakers - and the huge selection of games most online sports betting sites offer. If you're used to wagering with a local "bookie," you might also like having the protection that comes from betting with a licensed and regulated sportsbook - and the much better odds you'll be getting from them, too.


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Reviews You Can Trust

If you want a site that will offer you the best, most unbiased reviews of online sportsbooks, is exactly what you've been looking for. Our combined decades of experience in online gambling have given us the insight to understand what players are looking for, and what sites need to offer in order to be competitive with the top names in the industry.

We pride ourselves on matching players with wagering sites that are right for them, so you can trust our reviews to be impartial and informative. We're not concerned with directing you to one particular sports book; instead, we want to give you the information you need to choose the best online betting sites for you. At the end of the day, we'll be happy when we know you're happy with the sports betting site you've chosen.

Rating and Reviewing the Best Sportsbooks on the Internet

We've taken the time to look at what dozens of the top online sportsbooks have to offer, and we've narrowed our selections down to a short list of the very best sports betting sites. When you're wagering online, there are a few things you'll want from a good sportsbook, and we took all of those factors into consideration in our reviews.

For instance, we know that any good gambler wants to get the best odds possible, so we looked for sportsbooks that offered the friendliest odds around. Some sites offer great everyday odds, while others run specials on certain sports and events; ideally, we wanted sites that combined these two features. The lower the vig, the better the site! We also liked finding sportsbooks that had lines a little different than the norm; we know that many players like opening accounts at two or three sports betting sites so they can always find the best lines.

We also looked for sportsbooks that offered great bonuses for their players, that had a wide variety of sports and special events (like political and entertainment futures) for you to bet on, and those that offered in-play betting. We also gave extra credit to those betting sites that had excellent reputations for outstanding customer service.

Sportsbooks FAQ

Can I get free sports betting bonuses?

Yes. Sportsbooks offer bonuses to their players for creating an account with them. Then they often offer loyalty bonuses, free bets or bonuses based on your betting performance, in order to keep you playing and help you maintain a healthy bankroll.

Is it worth looking for sports betting tips?

Strategies are always helpful, as long as you take them with a pinch of salt. There is no foolproof way of winning when betting on sports, but there are ways in which you can minimize your losses and increase your chances of winning.

Where are the best online sports betting sites?

Our team of reviewers have gone through all the best online sports betting sites for you, so head over to our recommendations page where you can read a breakdown of their features before taking your pick.

Can I bet on sports without a deposit?

This depends on the sportsbook you choose to sign up for. Some sportsbooks will allow you to bet without a deposit or will even provide you with a no deposit free bet that you can use for your first couple of bets before you have to deposit real cash.

What are the most popular sports to bet on worldwide?

There are plenty of different sports that fans worldwide bet on. The range also changes depending on the season and continent. Some of the most common are football, e-sports, NASCAR, horse-racing, boxing and basketball.